What is Tooduz?

Easy To-Do List, Powerful Features

Tooduz is an easy yet powerful to-do list, along with smart features to make your work easier, it provides analytics reporting to help you analyze your ongoing performance.

We love data, and if you do too, you just came to the right place.

Check out what Tooduz offers:

Manage your tasks with an easy, yet powerful to do list.
Open lists, set due dates, set labels, assign tasks and many more.

You can push tasks from Tooduz to your Google calendar, or, in the other way,
you can fetch events from your calendar to Tooduz.

The "Recurring tasks" feature allows you to add tasks automatically to your to do list.

Import tasks from images, with OCR powered by AI.
Take a photo of your notebook or the drawing board, then Tooduz will recognize your tasks and inject them to your to-do list.

Writing your tasks in a Notepad/ Excel/ Google Sheets? Great, simply copy and paste them into your list.

Track your performance & gather insights about your working habits.
Tooduz empowers you by giving you full access to your data and to deeper analyses.
We will never share or sell your personal data to 3rd parties.

Share to do lists and assign tasks with co-workers and friends.
You can manage your tasks in solo or as a team, whatever works best for you.

Send emails within your list. You can send Follow-Up emails to check up on tasks.
Or, you can notify contact when you finish a task.
All of that in just 2 clicks, without wasting your time on writing emails.
You can fetch contacts from Google Contacts or add manually.

Stay connected from anywhere.
You can access tooduz from every device you own.
If this is an iPad, an iPhone, an Android, a PC or a Laptop, you are good to go.

Users Say

Tooduz is made for work, and for individuals.

Therefore, we are very interested in the experience of each one of our individuals.

Here we captured some of the best feedbacks we have gotten.

“Love it!! Finally a tool that focuses on you.”

Ari, Santa Monica
Product Manager

“I'm using Tooduz everyday and I won't stop, this tool helps me focus and opened my eyes regarding my habits. Recommend!”

Cory, Atlanta
Software Developer

“Analytics reports highly improved the way I work.”

Yven, London
IT Manager

“After using several competitors, I found Tooduz and I must say that is the perfect one for freelancers!”

Melody, Rome
Graphic Designer

“I'm running my business way smoother now. With this tool I can be organized.”

Alex, Austin
Garage Owner

“Refreshing. Great for those who know what they want. Tooduz helps me prioritize faster and better.”

Brian, Palo Alto
VP Sales

“So easy to get on track and follow-up with team members. The task automation is priceless”

Thomas, Berlin
Data Engineer Team Lead

“Great tool. Text extraction from images rocks!”

Jeremy, New York City
Product Manager

Pricing Plan

One Plan. Free For Life.


Free Forever

  • All To-Do List Features
  • Full Access to Analytics Reports
  • Unlimited E-mails
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